Reading should be fun and hassle-free..

Reading should be an activity where a child becomes so engrossed in a book that the real-world fades away. I remember my mom calling me to wash the dishes and I would answer: “Coming now.” After a few hours, I would realise: “Oops!” All because of an interesting story and desiring to know what was going to happen next.

However, many children struggle to read and grow to detest the activity. It could be due to them not seeing the value of the activity or struggling to decode the words. Reading then becomes a chore, something that they need to master but do not know how which could create anxiety and nervousness. Reading should be fun, interactive and stress-free, but it becomes a battle of wills between the parent and the child which could lead to resentment.

Here is a good way to encourage reading …

  • let your child read to a younger sibling, a pet or even a favourite toy

In this way,..

  • they could comfortably explore the story
  • and relate it to their enraptured, non – judgemental audience
  • in a stress – free way
  • whilst developing their own reading skills

It avoids…

Possible (sometimes unwitting) criticism Or being corrected every time they make a mistake Or hearing the exasperated sigh of the parent Or  feeling uncomfortable and anxious whilst doing something that they desperately want to master Or (Fill in the blanks) …………………………

There will be other opportunities for monitored reading activities where the child has to pronounce the words correctly, pause, use inflection and comprehend everything.

However, sometimes it is good to allow them simply to play and fake it until they make it.


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