Does hunting for mini beasts give you the squirms?

Join the club. My pet peeves are slugs and super fat, ready to burst caterpillars…UUUuugh!

I know, I KNOW!!! Caterpillars are butterflies in disguise however they do look like they are going to explode at any moment and those bristly feet…..   

It does not help one bit that I am incredibly tactile sensitive and have a vivid imagination.

Well, you need to suck it up for the sake of the children who need to LEARN and EXPERIENCE and LOOK and DISCOVER.

To assist you with your new GOGGA HUNTING adventure, please find these items in our shop

The magnifier or bug viewer or insect multiviewer could be used to examine the creatures UP CLOSE and the bughouse is handy to keep the specimens. But remember – Do No Harm and set the goggas free once you are done. There are also handy dexterity tweezers if you do not want to pick up the creatures with your bare hands……just DO NOT squeeze the caterpillars too hard!

A tip to find earthworms:

Sing “Rondomtalie”

While twirling a stick in loamy soil. This action should bring the earthworms to the surface. 


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