Have you ever been bored silly

Are the children driving you batty?

Has lockdown taken its toll and sucked out all of the remaining energy, vibrancy, imagination and oomph you had?


Have you ever tried to think of activities that did not cost the earth?

Have you wished that you could simply click your fingers and WELLA! There would be activities galore????

Activities that are:

  • Simple
  • Stress-Free
  • Cheap
  • Would keep the children entertained for HOURS

Well, we have compiled a series of activities to keep the children occupied such as easy crafts and no-equipment Games.

Crafty Stuff

Shadow Shapes

The children could work outside using sun shadows or they could use a lamp for indoor fun.

Equipment :

  • Interesting objects such as dinosaurs, wild animals, toys, blocks, fruit
  • Paper or a whiteboard
  • Pencils, Crayons, Felt tips, whiteboard markers, paint


 Play Stuff

No Equipment Games 


S-T-O-P   STOP! 

General Rules

  • The Caller stands at the far end of a designated area with his back to the field of players.
  • The Caller shouts “S-T-O-P – STOP” as quickly and as clearly as he can.
  • When the Caller says STOP he spins around.
  • The players must stop and try not to move while the Caller looks at them.
  • The Caller then repeats the call with his back to the field.
  • The rest of the group must try tag the Caller before he says STOP.



General rules

  • A Curator is chosen.
  • The Curator turns their back to the field, and the “Statues” attempt to race across and tag the Curator.
  • Whenever the Curator turns around, the Statues must freeze in position and hold that position for as long as the Curator looks at them.
  • If they move, they have to go back to the starting position.


Don’t Say “I” 

  • You could give each person 3 tokens
  • You have to ask questions of the other person that might make them use the word “I”.
  • If anyone does say “I”, he or she must give the token to the person asking the question.
  • Try to collect as many tokens as possible.


Do This and Add Something…

  • Have the first person do a simple action like touch their nose. They say to the next person “ Do this and add something.”
  • The second person repeats the action and adds another movement.
  • The next person copies the first two and adds another action.
  • If someone forgets the sequence, they are out.


Remember…..The children will be home for the holidays soooooon…😊

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All to keep your children


For Your family’s Sake!



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