What are story stones? 

Story Stones are stones that have images that are painted or pasted on them. They are used as prompts to jump start a story, conversation or the imagination. They are an excellent and fun way to promote language development, communication and engagement through play. Even though they are simple, they are amazingly effective in stimulating creativity in children. Their possibilities are endless. 

How do you use story stones for storytelling? 


  • The children choose a stone and start a story based on the picture on their stone. 
  • Another stone is drawn from the container and the story continues to be expanded by using the new stone as a prompt. 
  • Everyone could take turns so that story keeps on developing. 
  • Be prepared for some very strange twists in the tale!

Story stones can be used for creative play such as…


  • Animals at a farm 
  • Cars for racing 
  • Food in the play kitchen 
  • Nursery rhymes 
  • Fairy tales 
  • Counting 

Allow the children to find their own ways to use the stones as they will engage with them for many hours of play. These stones definitely stimulate their creative juices!

How do you make story stones? 

  • Use smooth, flat stones
  • Clean the stones and allow to dry
  • Pictures could either be pasted or painted onto the stones or you could use stickers 
  • If you want to preserve these stones, use Modge Podge or wood glue to seal them. 

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